Jerry Batista zine - street art paris


Jerry Batista (São Paulo, Brazil)

Jerry Batista is one of the great kings of Grajaú, the Zona Sul district of São Paulo, the world’s biggest and greatest small-town graffiti mecca, a vibrant suburb of the world’s largest and most spectacular megalopolis and global street art epicentre – a Brazilian was overheard saying. São Paulo is the birthplace of pixacão tag style, which is similar to the font on Metallica album covers, crossed with Japanese calligraphy, crossed with a sub-tropical blended fruit juice painted onto the sides of a skyscraper. Jerry draws influences from his friends, the local community and from childhood memories. He likes drawing himself as a child as a way to try to remember when he was only about playing in the grass, not just smoking it all the time which explains why his output is phenomenally low, which makes this limited edition zine especially valuable. Jerry is a co-founder and curator of the São Paulo-based, A7MA gallery, which is situated in the world’s most cachaça-infused hipster district, Vila Madalena.

16 pages, 14.8x21cm, b&w photocopy, numbered edition of 150, 2016.

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Jerry Batista zine - street art parisJerry Batista zine - street art parisJerry Batista zine - street art paris