Buttes-aux-Cailles street art guide

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Travel book 3: Buttes aux Cailles self-guided tour


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Tour route (maps, artist names, bios, weblinks)

Start in front of McDonald’s, 80 Av. d’Italie, 75013. Metro Tolbiac, Line 7.

Walk along Rue Tolbiac, until Rue Moulin des Prés. Stop at Ernesto Novo’s mural on the corner of these two roads, carefully walking past it and the sign explaining the explosion at the munitions factory in 1914 which killed and injured many, without stopping so to touch on the neighbourhood’s working class heritage and its enduring spirit embodied in art made on its walls.

Walk up Passage Vendrezanne, 75013.


Kashinkids mural by Kashink and the kids of the local infant school.
40 rue Vendrezanne, 75013.



Miss Tic
31 rue de la Butte aux Cailles, 75013

Walk along Rue Jean Marie Jego. Turn right on Rue Gérard.


58-62 Rue Gérard, 75013
Born on around 1989
Painted graffiti in new York and Paris.
Inspired by Edward Hopper
Work carries a social dimension, designs for pret a porter
in the service of humanist messages.
Inspired by artist Sainer of Etam cru.
Sainer is a Polish artist. He emphasizes portraits that are often found in unexpected contexts.



Miss Tic (hommage)
58-62 Rue Gérard, 75013


Jack Ardi
8 Rue Simonet, 75013


Shadee K
8 Rue Jonas, 75013
Shadee K is an incredible “free electron” in the urban art market. He was only 15 when he launched into both Tags and Graff, whispering his young talent on the walls of the capital. As a child of Les Frigos de Paris, he quickly focused on the nounours [teddy bear] theme, which he revisited, both through street collages and unique works on canvas, paper, traffic signs, banknotes, body painting, etc …
No technical limit it seems for this artist as modest as it is moving.







Priscilla Vettese
6 Rue Jonas, 75013
she has been practicing drawing and painting since her childhood.
After the discovery of his hypersensitivity, his life takes another turn, art is back in force in his daily life and gradually takes a major place.
Priscilla begins by representing expressive and colorful landscapes then the abstract is invited in turn where these meet a great success with art lovers and collectors .
Her style becomes clearer and the artist plunges into Pop culture
The artist addresses in his work notions of force or power and fragility or strength and where they seem to meet, clash and mix together. Priscilla is fascinated by inner strength. She interprets these two poles through suggesting a duality


Miss Tic
23 Rue des Cinq Diamants, 75013

introspection, art therapy, feminism and spirituality. pastes up delicate miniature-sized work.
Wild Wonder Wonder’s work is a search for expression and connection between the inner world and the outer world.
naked and hairy women who seem to accept themselves completely,
mixed techniques, mainly drawing and acrylic painting but also watercolour, sewing, linocut, clay, papier-mâché…
these women are numerous but do not represent one and the same woman
invite the viewer to question their own resonance in the world, the link he weaves with theirself, with others and with nature.




M Fulcro

Michelangelo’s David, Mirone’s Discobolus, Laoconte are for us essential symbols of culture, philosophy, democracy and high thought. Interpreting them on today’s walls and streets is a way of giving the viewer insights into our past, present and future.

Mr Byste



30 rue de la Buttes aux Cailles, 75013

L’enfant devient porte-parole, messager de son questionnement. Il met en jeu son image d’innocence et place son personnage dans un contexte social, politique, géographique difficile.


Philippe Baudelocq
9 Passage Boiton, 75013

The diptych questionnaire was composed on the pattern of the one
that Proust made famous by his answers. Of these thirty-four
questions to get to know a loved one
to diptyque, it is only required to respond to those that
please him.

Philippe Baudelocque is a designer of monumental frescoes.
Freehand, he creates with chalk. Sometimes sketched out on
preparatory sketches, his works propagate on their support
in improvisation, by the rhythm of the motifs that he reiterates and
diffracts as they compose its gigantic subject, often
that of an imaginary animal, but also of abstract fabrications
or symbolic morphograms.
The artist finds his inspiration in the history of iconography,
from the parietal fresco and the primitive arts to imagery
science, as well as in so-called hard knowledge, quantum physics,
mathematics, natural laws, which he combines with his childish fabulation

He first became known for his animal graffiti
fantastic that he entrusted to the deterioration of urban walls.
Many of his frescoes are naturally ephemeral, as they
want to be alive more than durable.



Opposite Lycée Professionnel Tolbiac, rue du Moulinet, 75013
created the DUDUSS character in 2012, when I was still an Art School Student
It’s my nickname, when I was a Kid my friends and family started calling me like that, I don’t really know why, no one know
like to add new characters to existing famous paintings. Tries to create one per day in order to publish a book in the near future.
finished high-school, at 17, I decided to study Art in Paris. I’m a country-side man, so I discovered graffiti when I moved to Paris. I loved this idea to paint in the streets, but I didn’t wanted to paint Graffitis, so I created the DUDUSS and started wheatpasting it everywhere. Today, on top of my Street Art activity, I’m a freelance illustrator and I’m exposing my work in galleries as well.
remember long time ago, I was wheatpasting with my parents around, and my father started screaming “Police !” (in fact it was a meter maid – laughs -). They both started running, leaving me there ! Few minutes later, I’ve seen the meter maid taking a picture of my DUDUSS.
Tim Burton, I really love Tim’s movies and paintings. In fact, my first DUDUSS seris was an homage to Tim. He inspires me. The second would be Hansky.
In music and sports and Impressionism – https://www.isupportstreetart.com/interview/toc-toc-the-beauty-of-ugliness/





Opposite Lycée Professionnel Tolbiac, rue du Moulinet, 75013.

I discovered photoshop in 2017 when I was eighteen, basically I was making t-shirts and stickers for “Falco”, which was already my name at the time. Shared graphics made on Instagram and then took step to other side of screen and began to make street art
Concept and message come before aesthetics in my work. I don’t make things to be pretty, in any case, that’s not my first intention. I like art that provokes, that points the finger, and that questions. There is always a touch of humor and irony, even if I denounce and it is quite satirical. I don’t want to offer violent images, and I find that using subtlety can amplify the strength of the message. I play a lot with the news, I bounce on it, not for the buzz but for the work to be in context. For example, when I paint in the street, I choose a place that has a link with the message of the work. When it’s a diversion, I act directly on something I saw in the street and I come to redefine it. I do not hesitate to express myself personally in my work. It’s my heart and my mind that speaks, and my hand that translates it.
Inspiration Christian Boltanski, Maurizio Cattelan, Norman Rockwell, CB Hoyo and Thierry Jaspart. – https://www.moka-mag.com/articles/falco




Super Mario mural
61 rue du Moulinet, 75013

Spécialisé dans le détournement d’affiches publicitaires, avec le Gouzou, a faceless orange two-legged species, il a exposé ses œuvres aux quatre coins de la Réunion et du monde à plusieurs reprises depuis 1996.





End tour at Jardin de la Montgolfière (Hot Air Balloon Garden)

Joseph and Étienne Montgolfier, born in Ardèche in France, began to experiment with lighter-than-air flight in 1782 using a piece of fabric billowed aloft by a fire of wool and damp straw.
The first human hot air balloon flight took place in 1783. The balloon was made of cotton canvas with paper glued onto both sides, measured 18.47m tall by 13.28m wide, and weighed 400 kg. It travelled 9 kilometres in 25 minutes, from the Château de la Muette to the Butte-aux-Cailles. It ran aground on what is now Place Verlaine, close to the garden. Laid out as a terrace on a former land for free activities, the garden is planted with clematis, wisteria, cherry trees and paulownias.



Related media (books, sites and bloggers, academic articles, reports… )

Barbara Picci





24 Rue Buot, 75013
Girl waling aross – and destroying – tanks. Her face is turned away from us. She is wearing flowers in her hair, a wreath (nodding to the war dead) or a garland (a prize of distinction) perhaps, holding up the Ukraine flag, as she crushes