Zine Levalet - Work


Levalet (Paris, France)

Work looks humorously at how workers live every day. Working on everyday scenes of daily life most days since 2012, it may also be funny that we made him work for us to do this zine, but we didn’t find any self-portraits of himself inside, so we bet it was actually a pleasure.

Levalet (1988) grew up on the French island, Guadeloupe, and moved to Paris when he was seventeen. He attended the University of Strasbourg to study arts, and his work is a way for him to transpose his love for the theatre into the urban space.

24 pages, 14.8x21cm, b&w photocopy, numbered edition of 100.

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Zine Levalet - WorkZine Levalet - WorkZine Levalet - WorkZine Levalet - WorkZine Levalet - Work