Zine Mathieu Tremblin - Draft Book (extract)

Draft Book (extract)

Mathieu Tremblin (Strasbourg, France)

Draft Book (extract) highlights Mathieu Tremblin’s daily sketching practice related to his preliminary studies for urban interventions. Having been affected at a tender age by Guy Debord’s treatise on Marxist critical theory, La Société du spectacle, Mathieu’s work here parallels the idea of social relations and authentic or lived experiences being replaced by the consumption of commodities. Here our attention is being diverted away from actual lived urban interventions by handdrawn ones available to buy here with your credit card. However, it’s hoped that Mathieu’s sketches will reawaken in the reader a desire for pursuit of actual lived experiences by realising these ideas in the outdoors. When confronted by Mathieu’s lawyer, we recommend reciting back to him his high ideas on copyright and the creative commons.

Draft Book (extract) will form a part of a larger collection of preliminary ideas that will be published by Editions Carton-Pâte.

24 pages, 14.8x21cm, b/w photocopy, numbered edition of 100.

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