Nea Borgel

Nea Borgel, a Parisian painter based in the 20th arrondissement of Paris, reveals the essence of human connection through her vibrant canvases. Born and raised in Paris, Nea’s art embodies a profound narrative of solidarity with the invisible. Her work revolves around portraiture, with a gallery of characters ranging from the esteemed actress Aïssa Maïga to an enigmatic Native American woman or an enchanting traditional Indonesian Butō dancer, each aiming to deconstruct preconceived notions, give voice to those who don’t, and defend various forms of discrimination. Each portrait is not just a representation, but a living being with a name, a past, a psychological profile and an identity card.

Their deep-rooted connection to the 20th arrondissement is a poignant thread in their story. A vintage photograph taken by Robert Doisneau in 1969 immortalises Nea’s mother on rue Vilin, testifying to her family’s enduring presence in the district since the 1960s. Between Paris and Bagnolet, Nea finds comfort in the diversity and vitality of her community. It’s a place where cultures converge, conversations flow freely and support for artists flourishes – a haven where Nea’s artistic spirit finds nourishment and inspiration.