Stencil art classes

stencil graffiti paris school art class workshop to make street art by Underground ParisStencil art workshop with a Dutch school French language class at our spacious art workshop in Paris. After the workshop we like to venture outdoors to study street artworks.

Process to make a booking:

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2-hour magical street art tour

– 1-4 people €140
– 5-9 people €140 + €20 per additional person
– 10-25 people €240 + €5 per additional person
– 26+ people, reuse 1-4, 5-9, 10-25 people formula

2-hour marvellous stencil workshop

– 1-4 people €140
– 5-9 people €140 + €35 per additional person
– 10-19 people €315 + €25 per additional person
– 20+ people €565 + €20 per additional person

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Instant booking

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Demand a free quotation

Please write to us at with your request for a quotation, including your name and address, as well as the particulars of the booking (pax, date, age, special requirements).

Who we are

– Street Art Paris is a written and audio-visual documentary of authentic self-sanctioned public artworks by artists who transcend categorisation by genre, and presents other material made by artists who have in the past produced self-sanctioned public artwork;

– the first ever article we published covered a wave of stencil artworks by Bristol native, Nick Walker, in which the artist talks about an at-the-time famous feud he had had with another well-known Bristolian stenciller;

– almost all of the self-sanctioned works we’ve photographed since Street Art Paris launched in 2012 are no longer with us;

– Street Art Paris’ tours and workshops fund its underground street art photojournalism.

Enjoy the ride, while you can!


Pick your artist teacher

paris art class Ariane-Pasco-Gracias-a-la-vida-Nice-Art-stencil-classes-street-art-paris

1. Ariane Pasco

Ariane Pasco, co-founder of the Nice Art collective in 1986, has been active on the walls ever since. Nice Art’s medium is stencilling, crafted in multiple colours, and their gallery is the street…

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paris art class - patrick pinon - street art workshops - underground paris

2. Patrick Pinon

Patrick Pinon, a Paris-based artist, graduated from Ecole Supérieure des Arts Appliqués Duperré in 1984. He exhibits paintings since 1985, focusing on urban art for over 30 years. Pinon conducts art workshops and his works transition from walls to canvas, retaining a rich, layered surface. He’s described as embodying innocence and danger. His oeuvre includes personal and collective exhibitions, public commissions, and prestigious acquisitions. Pinon’s passion for expression and community engagement drives his evolving artistic journey in Paris.

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paris art class - docteur-bergman-flying-turtles-stencil-street-art-on-cardboard-box-underground-paris-classes-and-art-tours.png

3. Docteur Bergman

Dr. Bergman, born in Courbevoie, now resides and creates in Paris. Transitioning from molecular biology to art, he explores stencil techniques, notably addressing animal rights and human behavior in dark, realistic stencils. Collaborating with Adey, he delves into graffiti, aiming for large-scale impact.

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paris art tour museum urban art Stichting OVO guided tour of outdoors graffiti art museum of paris street art by underground parisStichting OVO school from Holland, guided tour of the outdoors graffiti art museum of Paris street art. Thanks Christian for putting your trust in The Underground Paris.

paris street art tour graffiti stencil art class participation by a dutch school on street art outdoors museum graffiti tour and stencil class by Underground ParisDuring the street art walking tour of Paris, we take the group to a discrete wall in Paris’ ‘ephemeral art museum’, to paste up its stencil art on paper, which we made in class. 

paris stencil art workshop class - underground paris street art tours and stencil graffiti classes paris - underground paris street art tours and stencil graffiti classes paris - underground paris