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visite street art tour at Le MUR artwork by Happywallmaker - Underground ParisStreet art tour at the Le M.U.R. 8x3m former advertising panel, Oberkampf, 75011 Paris. The artwork is by Seize Happywallmaker. Read our interview with the artist, here.

street art tour stencil art classes pochoir atelier - Underground ParisThe Stichting OVO school from Holland organised a guided tour of Paris’s outdoor graffiti art museum. We appreciate Christaan Kuileman’s passionate leadership and courage!

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2-hour magical street art tour

– 1-4 people €140
– 5-9 people €140 + €20 per additional person
– 10-25 people €240 + €5 per additional person
– 26+ people, reuse 1-4, 5-9, 10-25 people formula

2-hour marvellous stencil workshop

– 1-4 people €140
– 5-9 people €140 + €35 per additional person
– 10-19 people €315 + €25 per additional person
– 20+ people €565 + €20 per additional person

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Who we are

– Street Art Paris is a written and audio-visual documentary of authentic self-sanctioned public artworks by artists who transcend categorisation by genre, and presents other material made by artists who have in the past produced self-sanctioned public artwork;

– the first ever article we published covered a wave of stencil artworks by Bristol native, Nick Walker, in which the artist talks about an at-the-time famous feud he had had with another well-known Bristolian stenciller;

– almost all of the self-sanctioned works we’ve photographed since Street Art Paris launched in 2012 are no longer with us;

– Street Art Paris’ tours and workshops fund its underground street art photojournalism.

Enjoy the ride, while you can!

The Underground Paris, initiated by the English journalist, Demian Smith, is a global art movement that transcends boundaries, bringing communities together through street art guided tours and public expression. With its roots firmly planted in the concept of participatory art, The Underground Paris aims to amplify voices, foster connections, and spark conversations on issues of identity, diversity, and unity.

street art tour OJI mural butte aux cailes - underground paris Oji, located at 58-62 Rue Gérard, 75013, is depicted as a white European man with five legs, no shoes, and multiple arms, standing against a sky blue background. He wears a dark blue skirt and has a yellow canary-like bird on his head. The mural, produced by Lezarts de la Bièvre, features the artist’s stylised signature and symbolises being lost. The bird symbolises freedom and happiness, reminiscent of canaries used in coal mines. Inspired by early 20th-century American Realism and the work of artist Sainer, Oji’s art reflects social realities and everyday life. This surreal depiction draws on ancient artistic motifs involving birds as symbols of guidance and soul conductors.

stencil art classes street art tour pochoir atelier - Underground Paris

At its core, The Underground Paris is a celebration of individuality and collective strength. It invites people from all walks of life to step forward and share their stories through art criticism and the medium of stencil art.

street art tour Miss Tic Paris 75013 - underground paris Miss Tic’s artwork, located at 23 Rue des Cinq Diamants, 75013, “LE TEMPS EST UN SÉRIAL QUI LEURRE”. Miss Tic draws inspiration from the seductive cartoon villain Tick De Sortilège, known for seeking wealth. Starting in 1985, Miss Tic painted Paris streets and exhibited in Agnes B’s gallery. After legal issues in 1999, she began seeking permission from business owners to paint, with the condition of creative freedom.

street art tour stencil classes Miss Tic's artwork Paris 75013 - underground paris

Participants are encouraged to paint stencil art on paper. These intimate artworks serve as the foundation for the project’s larger-than-life installations, where these artworks are displayed in public spaces for all to see.

The process of creating The Underground Paris artworks is as dynamic as the project itself. It begins with the act of self-representation, where individuals reclaim their narratives and assert their presence in the world. Through the simple act of making stencil art, participants assert their right to be seen, heard, and valued. These stencils, often made in makeshift art ateliers, capture the essence of each individual, reflecting their unique experiences, aspirations, and struggles.

street art tour stencil art classes - underground paris

Once designed, these stencils are spraypainted into posters, becoming powerful symbols of identity and solidarity. The posters, which evoke a sense of timelessness and universality, are then pasted onto walls, buildings, and other public surfaces, turning ordinary spaces into vibrant canvases for expression.

street art tour stencil art classes - underground paris

The impact of The Underground Paris extends far beyond the realm of art. By bringing people together to share their stories and experiences, the project fosters a sense of community and belonging. It creates spaces for dialogue and understanding, where individuals can connect with others who may have different backgrounds, beliefs, or perspectives. Through the act of collective creation, participants forge bonds that transcend language, culture, and geography, uniting them in a shared commitment to positive change.

phillippe baudelocque - street art tour stencil art classes hippo passage boiton butte aux cailles - underground parisPhilippe Baudelocque, born and raised in a family of musicians with an artist father, began his artistic journey in the late 1980s graffiti scene. His works, resembling cells of living organisms, feature rich motifs, blending animal figures with abstract or symbolic representations. In his piece titled “Unknown” (2018), executed in chalk, a geometrically rendered hippopotamus stands out against a black background. This artwork, created for the Lézarts de la Bièvre event in 2012, showcases Baudelocque’s laboratory-like approach to graphic forms, drawing inspiration from both primitive arts and scientific imagery. Additionally, the piece serves as a homage to Moebius (Jean Giraud), a renowned comic book author and illustrator.