Graffiti mural workshops


Our mural workshop is taught by Parisian graffiti artists and covers the primary techniques of how to design and execute a large-scale graffiti mural in a group.

The Street Art Paris graffiti mural workshop is taught by real, yes, real, Parisian graffiti artists. You’ll pick up the basic techniques of how to spray a can [press, hold, make sure not pointing in eyes] and design basic typography [initiation], but mainly, to conceive and then paint a large-scale graffiti mural as a group.

We’re the only ones to do it like this, as far as we know. It’s a graffiti workshop style developed by the founder of Underground Paris, Street Art Paris – whatever it’s called – after a number of years working intermittently with SEN teenagers (with occasional tendencies to throw chairs, or even put the youth centre under siege).

Nowadays looking for a quieter rhythm of life, we combine the classic graffiti workshop with a corporate style of team-building [swallow vomit] and voila! a new style of graffiti workshop for the already massively saturated Paris tourism market.


How it works is that after getting over the novelty factor of using spraypaints [one minute spent writing name, drawing penis, etc] everyone works with pencil and paper to brainstorm ideas, which are gathered to form an overall concept and design.




Depending on the overall artistic level of the group [generally very, very low – you work behind a computer all day long, it’s ok, we understand], we make our design onto the wall with your help, or create shapes for you to paint with pretty colours, while we go around the edges making you feel like you made it all yourself. Either way, you’ll end feeling great [one 2.5 hour class gives results equal to an extended and far more expensive course with Irvin Yalom], proudly possessing new skills to share with your less cool friends and family [the ones who weren’t with you – obvs].


Photos, au-dessus, prises par le collectif new-yorkais Vin Fin Cru – représente!